Toho Opens Official Website for 2016 "Shin Godzilla" Film

Hideaki Anno designs the biggest-in-history new Godzilla

Toho today opens the official website for the upcoming new Godzilla film scheduled for Summer of 2016, announcing its official title Shin Godzilla and three main cast. It will be the first Japanese Godzilla film in 12 years since Ryuhei Kitamura's box office failure Godzilla: Final Wars in 2004.


The new film is co-directed by Hideaki Anno (Evangellion) as chief director and Shinji Higuchi (Heisei Gamera series, Attack on Titan) as director. Anno provides the screenplay and Higuchi also serves as special effects director. According to the executive producer Akihiro Yamaguchi, the "Shin" is named by Anno, and can stand for "新 (new)," "真 (true)," or "神 (god)." It is easy to point out the similarity with Anno's yet-released anime film Shin Evangelion, the final fourth chapter of the Rebuild film series.


While the details of its story is unknown, 38-year-old Hiromi Hasegawa and 44-year-old Yutaka Takenouchi are cast as government officials, and 28-year-old Satomi Ishihara plays an American agent.

Both Hasegawa and Ishihara recently performed in Higuchi's two-part live-action film adaptation of the mega

hit manga series Attack on Titan; Hasegawa portrayed an original character for the film, Shikishima, and

Ishihara as Zoë Hange.  


The visual of the new Godzilla is designed by Anno, and its size is expected to be the largest in the 60-year-old

franchise, much bigger than the recent one appeared in the Gareth Edwards-directed American film in 2014,

which was 108 meter tall. The shooting has already begun in August, and is scheduled to be finished by the

end of October.



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