"Pokémon" Hip Pop! Parade Label Offers Pocket Monster Butt Cushions and Boxer Shorts

Company has preview their new Pokémon Hip Pop! Parade label, hitting outlets like the Pokémon Center on October 10th.

Company has preview their new Pokémon Hip Pop! Parade label, hitting outlets like the Pokémon Center on October 10th. The headline (or the other end) feature is a set of the rears of Pikachu, Swablu, Growlithe, Piplup, Marill featured on cushions (2,500yen), mascot keychains (700yen), zipper transit pass holders (1,150yen), folding bags (1,800yen), pouches (1,500yen), boxer shorts (men's and women's 1,500yen), rubber charms (1,000yen), coasters (600yen), mugs (1,300yen), handtowles (500yen), mangets (600yen), clearfiles (240yen) and masking tape (600yen). 




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