Actress / Model Sayaka Isoyama to Star in New Travel Show

"Sayaka Isoyama's 1 Cup of Bliss Women's Journey" features exotic locales and fine drinks


Actress / model Sayaka Isoyama is starring in a new travel program coming soon to LaLa TV. The program, entitled Sayaka Isoyama's 1 Cup of Bliss Women's Journey, will feature Isoyama visiting various locations in Japan and enjoying their local cuisine and specialty alcohol.


The 1st episode, which premieres on October 05, 2015, will feature Isoyama visiting Kamakura, touring a brewery, and sampling the local microbrews. Later episodes will include other locations such as Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture and a variety of drinks such as sake, shōchū, whiskey, and wine. The program is intended to appeal to adult women who enjoy traveling and fine dining by themselves.


A TV program about a woman enjoying herself with fine food and drink, huh?



I feel like I've encountered a similar concept somewhere before...




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