VIDEO: Shiena Nishizawa Performs "The Asterisk War" OP Song

Double A-side 2nd single hits stores November 11

Flying Dog has posted a two-chorus version music video for "Brand-new World," one of the three songs from 18-year-old singer Shiena Nishizawa's upcoming double A-side 2nd single "Brand-new World/Piacere" to be released on November 11. After winning the Grand Prize in the 1st Flying Dog Audition event for female anison singers in 2014, she made her professional singer debut with 1st single "Fubuki," which was used as the ED song for the Kantai Collection/KanColle TV anime, in February of this year.


"Brand-new World" is now used as the OP song for the fall 2015 TV anime adaptation of Yuu Miyazaki's light novel series Gakusen Toshi Asterisk/The Asterisk War, which premiered in Japan on October 3 and is now available on Crunchyroll. Meanwhile, "Piacere" is featured as the theme song for the three-episode OVA ARIA The AVVENIRE, which is also now playing in Japanese theaters. The third song in the single "Cross" is the ED song for PS Vita game BAD APPLE WARS to be released

on November 19,  



"Brand-new World" MV (2 chorus version)



CD jacket



Latest artist photo




"ARIA The AVVENIRE" trailer featuring the theme song



"BAD APPLE WARS" PV including the ED song



Source: Shiena Nishizawa official website


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