VIDEO: Fans Swap the Openings of "Anpanman" and "One-Punch Man"

"The Hero!! ~Ikareru Ken ni Honō o Tsukeru~" and "Anpanman no March" are surprisingly interchangeable


It's no secret that Anpanman, the bread-headed hero of Takashi Yanase's Anpanman picture books and TV anime, is one of the inspirations for Saitama, the bald-headed hero of One and Yusuke Murata's One-Punch Man manga and TV anime. Not only are their superhero costumes basically a palette-swap, but their names in the original Japanese ("Anpanman", "Wanpanman") are nearly identical.


So it was only a matter of time before some enterprising Japanese fans on Nico Nico decided to make some Anpanman / One-Punch Man mash-ups. The video below demonstrates that when combined with "The Hero!! ~Ikareru Ken ni Honō o Tsukeru~" by JAM Project, the opening to Anpanman is pretty freaking metal:



And, just for the sake of parity, the opening to One-Punch Man is appropriately jolly when set to "Anpanman no March" by Dreaming:



I think I found my new favorite thing. 




Paul Chapman is the host of The Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast and GME! Anime Fun Time.

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