"Evangelion" Smart Phones Pair with 7-Eleven for Promotional Collaboration

20th anniversary "Neon Genesis Evangelion" product limited to 30,000 units


The newest details of the 20th anniversary Neon Genesis Evangelion smart phone projects have emerged, including details about the final product and a collaboration campaign with the Japanese division of the 7-Eleven convenience store chain.



The phones are limited to a release of 30,000 units and retail for 84,200 yen ($702.43 US) including tax. The phones are SIM-lock free Android phones manufactured by Sharp, and are available to pre-order at Japanese 7-Eleven locations from November 02 to December 31, 2015. The phones will be delivered in 2 waves: 5000 in late December of 2015, and the remaining 25,000 units in April of 2016.



In addition to incorporating elements of Neon Genesis Evangelion artwork into the design of the phone's body, case, and operating system, the phones also come standard with 365 rotating Evangelion-themed background wallpapers as well as 21 sound effects cues from the Revival of Evangelion films and 34 preset character voice themes.



Additionally, 7-Eleven Japan is running a promotional campaign where truly diehard Evangelion fans can sign up for a lottery style drawing in order to purchase life-size figures of Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley Shikinami, and Kaworu Nagisa.


Only 15 of each type of figure will be produced, and each sells for 1,728,000 yen ($14,409.60 US) including tax. The sign-up for this drawing runs from October 31 to November 11, 2015, with the delivery of the figures scheduled to occur from April through July of 2016.



There is also giveaway in which customers who purchase at least 700 yen ($5.84 US) worth of goods at Japanese 7-Eleven stores can enter to win limited edition Evangelion Nanaco pre-paid cards (1000 winners), Panasonic portable TVs (30 winners), and catalog gift packs valued at 50,000 yen (20 winners). 



IT Media Mobile via Otakomu

Official press release


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