VIDEO: "Go! Princess PreCure" Film Theme Song MV by Every Little Thing

47th single " KIRA KIRA" hits stores November 4

Avex has posted a full music video for two-member unit Every Little Thing's upcoming 47th single "KIRA KIRA" on its official YouTube channel. It is featured as the theme song for the theme song for the 50-minute main part "Pumpkin Oukoku no Takaramono" in the three-part film Go! Princess PreCure the Movie: Go! Go!! Gorgeous Triple Feature!!!. It will be releases as the unit's 47th single in Japan on November 4.


The highly anticipated latest PreCure film will open in Japan on October 31. And the ongoing 28th Tokyo International Film Festival will host the film's world premiere at Shinjuku WALD9 Theater 2 at 12:10 pm on October 24 (JST), one week ahead of its general release. 2,000-yen advance tickets have been already sold out.






Latest trailer featuring the theme song



"KIRA KIRA/AKARI" limited edition CD jacket



Regular edition



Every Little Thing




"Go!Princess PreCure" film full trailer





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