"My Hero Academia" Author Draws American Superheroes, Princess Mononoke and More

Plus weekly hype sketches

Between the international super hero movie craze and Naruto fans look for successor with a similar mix of action and emotional resonance, My Hero Academia looks poised to become The Next Big Thing.  Kouhei Horikoshi, the 29 year old author of the series, and before that the short-lived Barrage, shares the excitement with sketches he posts to social media most weeks.

He also has a history in posting tributes to other works of note, most recently Tweeting a sketch of the French animated Wakfu. Before that, most of his tribute art was collected on his Pixiv page.




AmeComi heroes and villains


Hayao Miyazaki


Go Nagai


Ge Ge Ge No Kitaro


Cyborg 009






Screamo Hatsune Miku




Star Wars


Those chapter hype sketches...


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