"Macross Δ (Delta)" to Feature Five-Member Girls Unit "Walküre"

Story is set in 2067, 8 years after "Macross Frontier"

A press conference for Macross Δ (Delta) was held in Tokyo with its supervising director Shouji Kawamori today, October 29, announcing the details on the newest Macross TV anime series. While it was confirmed as a TV series, its on-air schedule has not been decided. Most part of the first episode will be introduced in the special program to be aired on Tokyo MX and BS 11 at 18:00 on December 31. The franchise's official portal site has posted its first PV, unfortunately it is region-locked and not allowed to be embedded legitimately.


It was announced that 18-year-old Minori Suzuki from Aichi Prefecture, the winner of the audition with 8,000 participants for the new singer/voice actress, will voice one of the heroines, Freyja Wion. The character is one of the five singing members of the girls tactical unit "Walküre." While Macross 7 featured a four-member rock band Fire Bomber, this is the first time for the franchise to have an all-girls group. All of the five girls will sing in the show, but the main heroine has not been chosen yet. 


The story is set in 2067, eight years after the previous series Macross Frontier and is told in a planet

located in the remote part of the galaxy. To quite down the "Verle (Waal or Wahl?) Syndrome" which

has gone berserk, a five-girls tactical musical unit "Walküre." and "Valkyrie Unit" are formed to perform

cooperative operations. Meanwhile, a mysterious Valkyrie unit called "Aerial Chivalry Order" in "The

Kingdom of Wind" starts its operations. It will also feature more than one love triangle in the story. 



Main visual featuring "Walküre" 



Minori Suzuki and Freyja Wion (courtesy of Cinema Today)



Main Staff:


 Supervising Director: Shouji Kawamori

 Director: Kenji Yasuda (Shugo Chara!, Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth

 Series Composition/Scenarios: Toshizo Nemoto (Dog & Scissors, Inu x Boku SS)

 Original Character Design: Chisato Mita (CAPCOM)

 Anime Character Design: Majiro (Barakamon)/Yu Shindo (Persona4 the Golden ANIMATION)

 Macross Visual Artist: Hidetaka Enjin (Aquarion EVOL mechanical art)


 Color Design: Kanako Hayashi

 Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda/Yukiko Maruyama (Atelier Musa)

 World Design: Thomas Romain

 Art Design: Niem Vincent

 Valkyrie Design: Shouji Kawamori

 Mechanic Design: Brunet Stanislas

 Director of Photography: Atsushi Iwasaki (T2 Studio)

 CG Director: Hironori Morino

 CG Supervisor: Hiroyuki Kashima (unknownCASE)

 CG Animation Director: Atsushi Sakiyama (unknownCASE)

 Editing: Kentaro Tsubone (REAL-T)

 Music Production: Flying Dog

 Sound Director: Masafumi Mima

 Anime Production: Satelight


via: Mantan Web, Cinema Today

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