"The Prince of Tennis" Manga Author Signs Performer Contract with Shueisha

Pre-orders for his solo concert are accepted from today

45-year-old manga artist Takeshi Konomi, best known for his long-running The Prince of Tennis series, has signed a performer contract with Shueisha, becoming the publisher's only one exclusive performing artist. His responsible editor also works as the manager and producer on his performing activities.  


While working on the tennis manga series for over 15 years, Konomi has also been known as "Happy Media Creator," proving character songs for the manga/anime franchise and releasing two solo singles of his own. His 1st single "Tenipuri tte Ii na/Smile," both were written/composed by himself, was released from T.Y.Entertainment on August 19, 2009, and ranked a very good 16th in the Oricon weekly single chart in its first week. Then his 2nd single "Tenipuri wo Sasaete Kurete Arigato" (Thank You for Supporting Tenipuri) was released on June 26 of this year, ranking 19th in the weekly single chart.


His solo concert titled "Konomi Takeshi☆Surprise LIVE ~Hitori Tenipuri Festa~" will be held at Toyusu PIT

(capacity: 3,108) in Tokyo on January 16, 2016. Junko Minakawa (CV for Ryoma Echizen in the anime

series) and Yuuki Ogoe (Ryoma Echizen in the musical 2nd season in 2010-2014) are also scheduled to

join as special guests. Pre-orders for the 6,260-yen tickets will be accepted from 18:00 today (JST).



Takeshi Konomi (Photo: Hiroko Kikuchi)



Konomi Takeshi's latest tweet:

 "I am looking forward to your many impressions on the latest chapter of The New Prince of Tennis on Jump Square.

  I have signed Shueisha's first performer contract... I hope this is not a fraud."   




Source: Comic Natalie


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