VIDEO: "Dimension W" Commercial Accompanied by Cast Addition and Theme Song Performers

Sci-fi TV anime coming in winter 2016

A new commercial for Dimension W has been accompanied by the news that Yuichi Nakamura will voice spectacularly unsuccessful art thief Loser, and that the winter 2016 sci-fi TV anime's opening will be STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION's "Genesis," accompanied by Fo’xTails ending "Contrast."


Kanta Kamei directs the Studio 3Hz/Orange production with FUNimation on the comittee.



 Yuichi Nakamura's Loser



The cast includes:



Daisuke Ono as Kyōma Mabuchi.



Reina Ueda as Mira Yurisaki.



Akira Ishida as Alberto Schumann.



Kimiko Saito as Marie.



And Eri Suzuki as Elizabeth Greenhow-Smith.



via @Dimension_W


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