Chi-Chi, Trunks Join Bandai's "Dragon Ball Styling" Figure Line

95mm tall figures will be shipped in March 2016

Bandai's official online store Premium Banday today started accepting pre-orders for three new items from its "Dragon Ball Styling" figure line, inspired by Chi-Chi and Trunks, for a March 2016 release. The candy toy line previously released real figures of Bulma, Super Saiyan Son Goku, and Goku kid's version. Premium Bandai exclusively releases a limited edition of the Chi-Chi figure with different coloring, a Bashousen part and arm parts for it. The price for the Chi-Chi limited edition is 2,160 yen, and the Chi-Chi regular edition and Trunks are offered at the price of 1,296 yen.



Chi-Chi regular edition


With Goku kid's version



Chi-Chi limited edition





With Super Saiyan Goku



Source: press release


(C) Bird Studio/Shueisha, Toei Animation

(C) Bird Studio/Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Animation



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