"Love Live!" Dominates Tower Records Japan's Anime CD Ranking of 2015

μ's' 2nd best album has sold 137,000 units in Japan

Tower Records Japan has announced its disc sales ranking of 2015 for nine categories. The top-selling album in the anison singer/anime VA section was "μ's Best Album Best Live! collection II," the 2nd best album of the Love Live! School Idol Project franchise's VA unit μ's released on May 27. The three-disc album ranked 1st in the Oricon weekly album sales chart in its first week and has sold over 137,000 units in Japan.


The school idol-themed franchise shows its strong popularity in the anime theme song CD ranking as well. The three CD singles released for its feature film Love Live! The School Idol Movie took the top three positions. Each singles has sold over 120,000 copies. 



"Anison Singer/Anime VA" section Top 5


1. "Love Live! μ's Best Album Best Live! collection II" μ's (2nd best album)



2. "Yasou Emaki" Waggaki Band (2nd album)

3. "Launcher" LiSA (3rd album)

4. "9th Story CD 'Nein'" Sound Horizon (6th album)

5. "SMASHING ANTHEMS" Nana Mizuki (11th album)




"Anine Theme Songs" section Top 5


1. "Angelic Angel/Hello, Hoshi wo Kazoete" μ's (Love Live! The School Idol Movie insert song)


 "Angelic Angel"



2. "SUNNY DAY SONG/?←HEARTBEAT" μ's (Love Live! The School Idol Movie insert song)

3. "Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari/Future Style" μ's (Love Live! The School Idol Movie insert/ED song)

4. "Lapis Lazuli" Air Aoi (10th single/The Heroic Legend of Arslan 1st ED)

5. "Rally Go Round" LiSA (8th single/Nisekoi 2nd season 1st OP)




Source: Tower Records Japan


© 2013 Project Love Live!


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