Square Enix to Release "Romancing Saga 2" on Japanese PS Vita & Mobile Phones

Port of classic 1993 Super Famicom JRPG scheduled for a release in Winter of 2016


Square Enix has announced plans to release an updated version of Romancing Saga 2, a classic Super Famicom JRPG from 1993, for the PS Vita portable video game console as well as for Android and iOS smart phones.



The game will feature tweaked difficulty and upgraded pixel-art graphics that will maintain the artistic vision of the original game, but will improve the look of the backgrounds and the battle scenes. It will also include some elements from an earlier mobile phone version, such as a class / profession system and original dungeons.



The Romancing Saga 2 port is scheduled to be released in the Winter season of 2016. No price information for the various versions is yet available.


Source: Dengeki Online via My Game News Flash


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