VIDEO: CM for "Locodol" Christmas Special OVA Posted

All night screening event will be held in Shinjuku on December 24

A 30-second "Christmas Special" OVA episode of the local idol-themed anime series Locodol is now officially available on the web. Prior to its release, it will be aired on four TV stations from December 24 to 26, and also screened in the all night event in Shinjuku on December 24. 


On-air schedule: 

 December 24: TBS (26:36-)

 December 25: Sun TV (23:30-), TBS Channel 2 (25:30-)

 December 26: BS-TBS (25:30-)


"Christmas Special" CM



VAs after the voice recording session



The all night screening event is scheduled to be held at Cinemart Shinjuku Screen 1 in Tokyo from 22:30,

December 24. In addition to the OVA, the 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 6th to 12th episodes of the 2014 TV series will be

also screened. All visitors will get a Christmas card newly drawn by the original manga creator Kotaro Kosugi.

Check the image below. 




Source: TV anime "Locodol" official Twitter


© Kotaro Kosugi, Ichijinsha/Locodol Production Committee


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