"Retro Game Revival Agent" Aims to Rejuvenate Aging Contacts in Cartridge Games

Synthetic oil based solution from Columbus Circle goes on sale on December 24, 2016


Columbus Circle, a Japanese developer of video game accessories and peripherals, is releasing a "Retro Game Revival Agent" designed to improve the connection between the contacts of cartridge-based video games and their respective console systems. The agent uses a synthetic oil based solution to remove carbon and dirt from metal contacts and to provide an oxidation-inhibiting lubricant.



The "Retro Game Revival Agent" is designed to be applied in small doses both to game cartridges and game machines. It retails for 918 yen ($7.58 US) plux tax and will be available for purchase beginning December 24, 2015.



Fans note that if the solution actually works, it could eliminate the need for the "Nintendo blow" - the practice of blowing on the contacts of cartridge games to attempt to clear them of dust. It will be interesting to see if the "Retro Game Revival Agent" performs as promised, because I have a particularly gnarly copy of Altered Beast laying around.


Source: IT Media News via Otakomu


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