Gamegate Inc.'s Latest Alarm App is Cocoa from "Is the Order a Rabbit?"

Smart phone app for iOS and Android features 70 voice samples from voice actress Ayane Sakura


Japanese smart phone app developer Gamegate Inc. has just released the 4th entry in its Is the Order A Rabbit? series of custom alarm apps, this time featuring the voice and likeness of Cocoa Hoto (played by Ayane Sakura). 



The program allows users to program a custom alarm using up to 3 samples from a pool of 70 phrases, including such examples as:


  • お姉ちゃんが起こしてあげるね (Oneechan ga okoshite ageru ne.) - "I guess I'll go wake up Onee-chan."
  • 起きないとモフモフしちゃうよ!(Okinai to mofumofu shi chau yo!) - "If you don't wake up, I'll cuddle you!"
  • ごめ~ん、私も寝坊して時間通り起こせなかったよー。えへへ (Gomeeen, watashi mo nebō shite jikan-dōri okosenakatta yo. E he he.) - "I'm sooooorry, I overslept too, so I didn't get up on time. Tee hee hee."
  • 今日のごはんは自信作だよっ!(Kyō no gohan ha jishin-saku da yō!) - "Today's breakfast is a masterpiece!"
  • 今日は一緒の布団でねーる (Kyō wa issho no futonde neeru.) - "Today let's sleep in the same futon."



The "Is the Order a Rabbit? Alarm Cocoa Version" retails for 720 yen ($5.95 US) including tax and is available through the Japanese iTunes and Google Play stores. For readers without access to these marketplaces, most of Gamegate Inc.'s apps are also available through the English language Google Play store as well, and can be found here.






Paul Chapman is the host of The Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast and GME! Anime Fun Time.

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