Omega Force Teases (Belated) 15th Anniversary Plans for "Dynasty Warriors" Series

Game development team gets ready to celebrate the "Year of the Monkey" with the forces of Wu

In a post on the official home page for the Dynasty Warriors series, game developer Akihiro Suzuki of Omega Force (a subdivision of Koei Tecmo) wished fans a festive New Year. 



Observing that 2016 is the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac, and that it was considered good fortune to wear red to celebrate, Suzuki posted a picture of the ladies of the Wu Kingdom (whose traditional battle colors are red) in cheongsam dresses.



Suzuki also offered an apology to the fans that 2015 came and went without a major announcement for the 15th anniversary of the Dynasty Warriors series. He then went on to thank the fans for their continued support and to state that plans for a belated 15th anniversary project were in the works with a big announcement coming in 2016.



Hachima Kikō

Official Dynasty Warriors home page (Japanese)


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