VIDEO: Idol Unit AouP Performs "Osomatsu-san" 2nd OP Song

5th single "Zenryoku Batankyu" hist stores February 10

Six-member Japanese idol unit AouP (abbreviation for Anime Katteni Ouen Project) has posted a short version music video for their upcoming 5th single "Zenryoku Batankyu" on their official YouTube channel. It has been used as the OP theme song for the second cour of the TV anime Osomatsu-san/Mr. Osomatsu since January 4. Its short version will be available digitally from January 13, then its CD single will be released on February 10.


The unit previously performed the OP song for the anime's first cour, "Hanamaru Pippi wa Yoi Ko dake," which was released as their 4th single on November 11, 2015. After the release, 19-year-old Marina Amane, one of the three new members who joined the unit in August 2015, left due to leg injury as of December 31. 



5th single "Zenryoku Batankyu" short MV



CD jacket illustration



Current six members



4th single "Hanamaru Pippi wa Yoi Ko dake" short MV


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