"Fate/Grand Order" Adds Mysterious Heroine X For "Saber Wars" Event With Art By "Sword Art Online" Illustrator

At for the character is provided by BUNBUN, who certainly appears to be the same person as SAO's abec

Another joke has found new life in smartphone RPG Fate/Grand Order. Type-Moon has a history of going all-out for their April Fool's gags, and in 2013 they presented Saint Seiya mini-visual novel Back Alley Satsuki - Chapter Heroine Sanctuary, in which Bronze Heroines Satsuki, Riesbyfe, Sion, and Ciel (from Tsukihime), along with the Saber-hunting "Mysterious Heroine X," climbed through the twelve palaces of the Gold Heroines. Now Ms X is back as an Assassin class servant for F/GO in time for the "Saber Wars" event.


Art for the character is provided by BUNBUN. According to Sword Art Online illustrator abec, BUNBUN and abec are neighbors, and aren't the same person despite what style similarities suggest. According to Kadokawa's Taiwan  branch, they are the same person. BUNBUN also has a history of subbing for abec at events, possibly owing to the fact abec is (or has said they are) a girl who was in high school when SAO debutted. BUNBUN is also certainly very active promoting abec's work online too.


 "Saber Wars: The Caliburn Awakens" features a limited gacha 5★ (SSR) Mysterious Heroine X, along with a chance to obtain 4★ (SR) Artoria Pendragon [Lily]. 

Featured servants include the game's previously introduced Sabers, Altera, Artoria Pendragon, Artoria Pendragon [Alter] (Saber), Artoria Pendragon [Lily], Okita Souji, Gaius Julius Caesar, Siegfried, Gilles de Rais (Saber), Chevalier D'Eon, Mysterious Heroine X, Nero Claudius, Fergus Mac Roich, & Mordred.



 Craft Essences include

Crimson Fortress of Shadow


Mikotto! Bride Training




Purely Bloom


Star of Artoria


BUNBUN previously worked with Type-Moon, illustrating their light novel Fire Girl, as well as

  • Saber Alter from Fate/unlimited codes PORTABLE in TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary Phantasm.
  • Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA Episode 2 end card.
  • Gilgamesh in Fate/Extra CCC Extra Garden.
  • Character illustrator for Alexander in Fate/Grand Order.


That Fate/Grand Order Rider is Alexander as a young Macedonia prince, voiced by Maaya Sakamoto


 via Type-Moon Wiki Fate/Grand Order Wiki, Fate/Grand Order Cirnopedia and Grand Order Reddit



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