STUDIO4℃ Plans to Launch "Tekkonkinkreet" Artbook Crowdfunding Project

Studio will publish a new artbook focusing on characters

The 00's was a great decade for anime movies for mature audiences. Maybe the best. Satoshi Kon's movies. Many of Mamoru Hosoda's. The films of Studio 4°C like Mind Game and 2006's adaptation of Taiyō Matsumoto's urban parable Tekkonkinkreet, directed by American-born effects and visual artist Michael Arias. To celebrate the features's 10th anniversary, the producers are preparing an art book crowdfunding effort.


The anime studio hints

It’s 10th anniversary since the theatrical release of STUDIO4℃ film “Tekkonkinkreet.” As a celebration, we will publish a new artbook focusing on characters! Don’t miss the chance to get STUDIO4℃FUN& special items!



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