GLAY Singer TERU to Make Guest Appearance in "Ace of Diamond"

The band has provided three theme song for the anime

The official website for four-member Japanese rock band GLAY has confirmed that its 44-year-old lead singer will make a guest appearance in the upcoming 43rd episode of the second season of the TV anime Daiya no Ace/Ace of Diamond. to be aired in Japan on February 1. His character has kept secret. He previously made two guest appearances as himself in the short anime series Ohayo Hakushon Daimao in September 2014. 


The band has provided three theme songs for the anime: "Hashire! Mirai" (1st season's 52nd to 75th episode), "HEROES" (2nd season's 4th to 26th) and "Sora ga Aozora de Arutameni" (27th-). Their 53rd single "G4.IV" including the 3rd OP will be released in Japan on January 27.



"Sora ga Aozora de Arutameni" short MV



"Hashire! Mirai" short MV



"HEROES" short MV


via: Music Natalie


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