RUMOR: Comiket May Be Held in Osaka or Nagoya?

Tweet by Pixiv artist Niea hints at 2 possible changes in venue as a result of the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Crunchyroll has previously reported about how Tokyo Big Sight, the traditional venue for the summer and winter Comiket dojinshi fairs, will be largely unavailable for some time due to preparations for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Now it appears that the organizers of Comiket are already considering a change of venue to sites in Osaka and / or Nagoya.



The source of this information is a tweet by Pixiv artist Niea, which includes a screencap and a sentence that translates to: "There are some very unsettling survey questions in the application for Comiket 90." The screen cap indicates that the "unsettling survey question" is asking applicants if they would still participate if the venue were moved to Osaka or to Nagoya.


Source: Otakomu


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