RUMOR: Creators Hint That More Life-Sized "Saekano" Figures May Be In the Works

Web interview with Jun'ya Senga of Design Coco and Tomoaki Atogami of Aniplex spurs fan speculation


In an exclusive interview with Web Newtype, Shun'ya Senga of Design Coco and Tomoaki Atogami of Aniplex hinted that more life-sized figures of the heroines of Saekano -How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend- may be in the works.


During the interview, the two men discussed the creation process and the difficulties inherent in transforming a 2D character into a 3-dimensional sculpture, such as the challenge of accurately reproducing Megumi's undergarments (which are never fully revealed in the TV show).



At the conclusion of the interview, Senga observed that he wanted to take on the challenge of realizing all of the heroines of Saekano as life-sized figures.


Atogami's response to this statement was non-commital, mentioning that since the figures were an expensive item to produce, he wasn't presently able to make any announcements concerning the next phase of the project, and that he hoped fans would look forward to future updates.



Special thanks go out ot Tobias Phillipi for the translation assistance.



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