VIDEO: Sora Tokui Sings Image Song for Kadokawa's "@vitamin" Digital Comic Brand

Written/composed by 40mP (Fairy Tail OP song "Evidence")

Kadokawa/Ascii Media Works launched its free digital comic brand "@vitamin" last December. To promote the brand focused on the daily life of girls, a PV for its image song "Koi-iro Comic" (Love Color Comic) is posted on the web. It is sung by 26-year-old anime voice actress Sora Tokui, as one of the brand's image characters, Ru. Tokui is best known as Nico Yazawa in Love Live! and Nero Yuzurisaki in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. Famous vocaloid song producer 40mP, who also provided the 7th OP song "Evidence" for the Fairy Tail TV anime, wrote and composed the song. 



"Koi-iro Comic" MV


Sora Tokui





Source: press release


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