Snow Miku Appointed as PR Ambassador to 2017 Sapporo Asian Winter Games

International multi-sport event heading to Sapporo and Obihiro in February of 2017

The 8th Asian Winter Games, an international multi-sport event sponsored by the Olympic Council of Asia, is coming to Sapporo in February of 2017, and Sapporo's resident virtual idol, Snow Miku, has been appointed as a PR ambassador to represent the games. (Snow Miku is a variant form of Crypton Future Media's Vocaloid character, Hatsune Miku.)



Pictured above is Snow Miku's kigurumi cousin, Snow Mikudayo, posing with Ezomon, the official Siberian flying squirrel mascot character of the Asian Winter Games. Snow Miku will also appear on official merchandise used to promote the games.



When questioned about her duties as a PR Ambassador, Snow Miku is quoted as saying: "I’m a PR Ambassador for the 2017 Sapporo Asian Winter Games. In my role, I support the event by promoting the appeal of winter sports in Hokkaido and the region’s charms worldwide."

The 2017 Sapporo Asian Winter Games will be held from February 19 - February 27, 2017, at venues in Sapporo and Obihiro, and will include competitions in such winter sports as skiing, skating, ice hockey, curling, and biathlon. For more information, please check out the official English language home page for the games here.



Yomiuri Online via Otakomu

Official 2017 Sapporo Winter Games home page (English version)


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