Lucy Heartfilia Visual for "Fairy Tail" Stage Play Revealed

Precedent lottery for the tickets will be held till tomorrow

Following Natsu, Gray, Jellal, Hibiki and Lyon, the official website for Live Fantasy Fairy Tail, the upcoming stage play adaptation of Hiro Mashima's action fantasy manga Fairy Tail, has posted a visual for its first female cast, Lucy Heratfolia portrayed by 28-year-old Ayu Manaka.


Manaka entered the Takarazuka Music School, a highly competitive all-female training school, in 2003, and graduated in 2005. Upon graduation, she was placed in the Takarazuka Revue's Snow Troupe. After performing as its musume-yaku for nine years, she left the Revue in 2014, then made an agency contract with Watanabe Entertainment in the following year. She is also cast as Mitamun in the forthcoming musical adaptation of Chieko Hosokawa's long-running shoujo manga Crest of the Royal Family to be performed in August.





Live Fantasy Fairy Tail is scheduled to perform 16 times at Sunshine Theater in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, from

April 30 to May 9. 7,800-yen advance tickets will go on sale on February 28. Precedent lottery for the

tickets will be held on Lawson Ticket till 23:59 tomorrow.



Shuto Miyazaki as Natsu Dragneel



Atsushi Shiramata as Gray Fullbuster



Hirofumi Araki as Jellal Fernandez



Kento Ono as Hibiki Leytis



Ren Ozawa as Lyon Bastia



Source: "Live Fantasy Fairy Tail" official Twitter 


© Hiro Mashima/Kodansha

© "Fairy Tail" Stage Play Production Committee


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