Apparel Company Felissimo Releases New Hatsune Miku Collaboration Items

Apron dress, umbrella, pouch, wristwatch, bracelet

Following the successful first "Mousou Fes" collection last year, Kobe-based apparel company Felissimo has started offering the second lineup of its collaboration items with the most popular vocaloid character, Hatsune Miku, via its official online store Sukiyaki since yesterday, February 16. The theme of the new collection is "Sweets Miku" and the items are produced by the female employees at the company. 



Main Visuals




"Okashi no Tsutsumigami no Youna Apron One-Piece" (One-piece dress like a wrapping paper of the sweets) - 9,936 yen



"Sweets Shower Umbrella" - 4,644 yen



"Soda Cream no Cookie Pouch" - 3,456 yen



"Itadakimaasu! Wristwatch" - 6,372 yen



"Teatime Bracelet" - 3,780 yen



Source: press release


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