VIDEO: Behind-The-Scenes Clip for "Dias Police" Live-Action Drama/Film Teaser

Kazuyosho Kumakiri (Bakugyaku Familia)-directed film will open this summer

Following the 15-second teaser for the upcoming live-action TV drama and film adaptation of the Dias Police ~Ihou Keisatsu~ manga series created by Richard Woo (story) and Shinichi Sugimura (arts), Toei has also posted its 50-second behind-the-scenes clip, revealing the teaser was filmed by the leading actor Shota Matsui himself. 



Behind-the-scenes clip






The manga was serialized in Kodansha's Morning from 2006 to 2009, then compiled in 15 tankobon volumes.

30-year-old Shota Matsuda (Hiroshi Tanaka in Afro Tanaka) is cast as the protagonist Kubozaka in both adaptations.

Kazuyoshi Kumakiri (Bakugyaku Familia), Masanori Tominaga (Rolling), Mogi Katsuhito (The Next Generation

-Patlabor- assistant director), and Tetsuya Mariko (Yellow Kid) are attached to direct the 10-episode TV drama

series to premiere on TBS/MBS' "Dramaism" midnight programming block in April. Then Kumakiri directs the

feature film alone for a summer 2016 release.



Manga 1st and 15th tankobon volume covers


via: Movie Natalie


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