VIDEO: "Kamen Rider #1" Kicks Into Action in Official Trailer

Latest film for long-running tokusatsu series features the return of Takeshi Hongo / Kamen Rider #1



The official trailer for Kamen Rider #1, an upcoming tokusatsu film in which actor Hiroshi Fujioka reprises his role as Takeshi Hongo / Kamen Rider #1, is now available online. In Kamen Rider #1, Takeshi Hongo returns to protect the granddaughter of his mentor, who is being pursued by the evil organizations Shocker and Nova Shocker



Kamen Rider #1 is directed by Osamu Kaneda and also stars Shun Nishime as Takeru Tenkuuji / Kamen Rider Ghost, Ryosuke Yamamoto as Makoto Fukami / Kamen Rider Specter, and Ren Osugi as Ambassador Hell. The film hits Japanese theaters on March 26, 2016.


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Source: Orends: Range (Temp)


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