"Watamote" Manages To Hide Social Anxiety In Pro-Baseball Collaboration Plans

Botti (lonely) otaku need to leave the house for a baseball game!

Following the tradition of the likes of Oreimo, AnoHana, and My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU teaming up with the Chiba Lotte Marines pro-baseball team from Japan's Pacific League, WataMote: No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular! is the latest anime/manga to present a collaboration. Two weeks ago, the team and the manga's chapter on GanGan Comics Online announced that games against Saitama Seibu April 8-10 will offer special collaborative goods, and to kick off March, the plans have now been detailed, and shockingly, it looks like the lead Tomoko Kuroki has managed to keep it together for the visual!


Along with different cheering flags offered at the games, ticket packages are also being sold.


These include:

Watamote Fan Party Ticket (For the 4/9 game)

price - 10,300 yen. includes Field Terrace Suite seating, party food and drinks, collaborative goods, prize give-away, autograph session with author(s) Nico Tanigawa (limited to volume 9 of the manga, which will be sold on site).


Kuroko's Living Room Package for 4/9 and 4/10 games

price - 44,000yen (for up to 8 people) including Ballpark Parlor seating, welcome with hors d'oeuvres, meal, collaboration goods, prize give-away


Be There and Cheer Botti (slang for lonely) tickets (good for first timers) - offered for 4/8, 4/9 and 4/10 games. price 1,600-2,500yen depending on the game (4/9 is cheeper) and infield or third-base line. includes collaboration cheering flag and prize lottery.


Volume 9 of the manga is scheduled for March 22nd,







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