"Fate/Grand Order" Focuses On Cute Boys With Event Introducing Child Gilgamesh and Ruler Shirou

It's time for a White Day reciprocal to Valentine's event!

Last month, for Valentine's Day, mobile phone RPG Fate/Grand Order celebrated with "Fuss of Valentine's Lady" event, which introduced Saber Bride. Now, it's White Day coming up March 14th, and a chance for the guys to reciprocate in The Chaldea Boys Collection 2016. Ruler Shirou Akamatsu Kotomine (from Fate/Apocrypha - 5☆) is the subject of the quest, with Rider Astolfo (Rider of "Black" from Fate/Apocrypha - 4☆ ) and Archer Child-Gil (aka Ko-Gil - the assumed identity of the Gilgamesh between the Fourth and Fifth Grail Wars 3☆) also set to be introduced.




Thumbnail from the Asto's illustration for last year's Type-Moon Idol Agency April Fool's joke


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