Crunchyroll Announces Premium Member Perks for Anime Boston

Anime Boston runs March 25-27

Crunchyroll recently announced its partnership with this coming weekend's Anime Boston, and if you're a Crunchyroll Premium Member attending you have bonuses to look forward to. Premium Members will receive a handful of special perks, including a Premium Member convention badge, early access to the Exhibit Hall each morning, a special discount at the Anime Boston merch store, a special gift with purchase at the Crunchyroll booth store, and special seating for select panels. 


More details on the specific discounts are available here.


Here's the list of panels with special seating:


Crunchyroll Industry 

Panel Hall D - Friday @ 4:00 PM 


Crunchyroll Simulcast Preview 

Panel Panel A - Saturday @ 4:00 PM 


Working in the Anime Industry 

Panel A - Saturday @ 7:00PM 


Studio Trigger First Look: Space Patrol Luluco 

Con 1 - Saturday @ 12:30 PM 


Morning with Japan - The Kiznaiver World Premiere 

Grand Ballroom- Sunday @ 5:30 AM


Be sure to pick up your Premium Member convention badge at registration after receiving your con badge so you can get in on all the bonuses. 


You'll also be able to pick up a copy of the 2016 Crunchyroll-Hime and Anime Boston mascot poster at the Anime Boston merch store and Crunchyroll booth store.




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