Crunchyroll Adds "JOKER GAME" And "KAGEWANI ~II~" To Spring Lineup

JOKER GAME starts 4/5 at 10AM PDT, KAGEWANI ~II~ Premieres on 4/1

Crunchyroll took to its industry panel at Sakura-Con to announce its latest additions for the Spring season in JOKER GAME and KAGEWANI ~II~. 




In autumn of 1937, as the coals of World War II are beginning to smolder, Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki of the Imperial Army secretly establishes a spy training organization called the "D Agency." Those chosen as members of the agency, in opposition to the national trend toward reverence of native-born soldiers in the army, are civilian university graduates who pass the superhuman selection test with flying colors. Under the resourceful Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki, they learn not only how to work with gunpowder, wireless communications, vehicles, and airplanes, but also various skills essential for spies, from pickpocketing to safecracking.
"Don't die. Don't kill."
Suicide and murder are the worst possible options in the D Agency, which values a low profile above all else. Even as its agents bear under extreme opposition from the army's control center, they continue to betray allies, deceive foes, and conduct secret maneuvers all over the world. Tokyo, Shanghai, London... Their military intelligence reaches every last corner of the globe.
JOKER GAME will be available to Crunchyroll members worldwide except for Asia.
Kagewani II key
A continuation of the first KAGEWANI, the plot centers on mysterious monsters called “UMA” that suddenly appear and start attacking humans. Scientist Sosuke Banba pursues the truth with the keyword “kagewani”, which means “Shadow Crocodile” in Japanese. 
Veteran voice actor Tomokazu Sugita, also known as Gintoki Sakata in Gintama, stars as the scientist Sosuke with studio Tomovies will be handing the animation production.
Kagewani ~II~ will be available to Crunchyroll members worldwide except for Asia 
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