"Ange Vierge" TV Anime Debuts in July of 2016

TV anime adaptation of Kadokawa's trading card game features animation by Silver Link


The full staff and cast have been revealed for Ange Vierge, a TV animation based on the Japanese trading card game published by Media Factory and Fujimi Shobo (both subsidaries of Kadokawa). The staff for the anime includes:


  • Original work: Kadokawa / Sega
  • Director / character design: Masafumi Tamura
  • Series composition & script: Katsuhiko Takayama
  • Original character designs: Ryohka, Poyoyon Rock, Kurone Mishima, Tsunako, Shunsaku Tomose 
  • Animation production: Silver Link
  • Production: Ange Vierge Film Partners



The cast for the anime includes:



Minako Kotobuki as Saya Sougetsu, a girl from the blue world with the ability to manipulate light. Minako is bad at gauging the emotional distance between people, but nonetheless her personal motto is "I want to become someone special."



Yumi Hara as Almaria, a vampire from the black world with the ability to manipulate blood. Almaria is a caring and graceful person, but her vampiric need to feed causes her considerable embarrassment.



Aki Toyosaki as Elel, an angel from the red world with the ability to temporarily borrow the special abilities of her companions. Honest to the point of being blunt, Elel is energetic and a bit high-strung.



Rika Tachibana as Code Omega 77 Stella, an android from the white world with the ability to manipulate acceleration. Stella lives at her own pace and her emotions are difficult to read, but she has a particular passion for speed.



Sara Emi Bridcutt as Nya Lapucca, a soldier from the green world attached to the Grünesilt military. Her ability takes the form of a special gauntlet, which she wields as a weapon. Nya has an extremely lazy disposition and is always looking for an excuse to avoid work.


Other cast members announced include:


  • Yūka Aisaka as Miu Hinata.
  • Mai Ishihara as Sofina.
  • Yoshiko Ikuta as Ruby.
  • Rie Takahashi as Code Omega 77 Euphilia.
  • And Nozomi Yamamoto as Mayuka Sanagi.



Ange Vierge is set in a fictional universe where the spontaneous opening of dimensional portals to alternate Earths has awakened magical powers in young girls. These girls use their newfound abilities to protect their home worlds from destruction. The Ange Vierge TV anime will begin its Japanese broadcast in July of 2016.






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