"[email protected]!" Pinch-Hits for "Rage of Bahamut: Manaria Friends"

Empty spot in Ultra Super Anime Time to be filled by re-broadcast of "[email protected]!! Petite Petite [email protected]"


As Crunchyroll previously reported, the sudden and unexpected postponement of Rage of Bahamut: Manaria Friends came as a bit of a shock to fans who were looking forward to the show. It also left an empty space in the schedule of the upcoming season of Ultra Super Anime Time, Tokyo MX's late-night anime programming block.



Now it appears that an avalanche of tiny idols are coming to the rescue, because Ultra Super Anime Time has announced that they will be filling the spot vacated by Manaria Friends with a re-broadcast of the 2014 short-form comedy, [email protected]!! Petite Petite [email protected]. [email protected], a spin-off of the popular The [email protected] franchise, will air alongside Space Patrol Luluco and the 2nd season of Kagewani.



[email protected] is distributed in North America by Funimation.




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