"Usakame" Latest CM Introduces OP Song by Earth Star Dream

"Teekyu" spin-off series is set to premiere on April 11

Comic Earthstar's official YouTube channel today posted a 15-second CM for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of the Usakame comedy manga series, introducing its OP theme song "Hashire! Usakame Koukou Tennis-bu!! (Run! Usakame High School Tennis Club!!) performed by four members of the voice actress idol unit Earth Star Dream: Yuki Nakajima, Izumi Araida, Hikaru Koide, and Maria Tanijiri. All of the seven members of the unit also voice the main characters in the anime.


Usakame is the second spin-off series from Roots and Piyo's Teekyu manga, following Takamiya Nasuno Desu!, which already had its 12-episode TV anime adaptation in 2015. Usakame features Kameido High's rival team, Uasakame High members, and its second tankobon volume was released last month. The Millepensee-produced new TV anime series is set to premiere on April 11.



TV anime CM



The four members performing the OP song


Manga 2nd volume CM



TV anime poster visual




Manga tankobon 1st and 2nd volume


Source: "Usakame" TV anime official website


(C) Roots/Juzo Kirisawa/Earth Star Entertainment/Usakame Production Committee


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