Are You Ready for Moe Anthropomorphic Traffic Exchanges?

NEXCO Central Japan's "Genso Koryu" campaign envisions toll roads and service areas as cute anime girls

NEXCO Central Japan - a transportation company that specializes in building and operating toll roads, expressways, and traffic exchanges - is partnering with Kadokawa and Dwango for a promotion called "Genso Koryu" ("Fantastic Exchange") that re-imagines various service areas as cute anime girls.



The promotional campaign imagines an alternative world called "Kibou Else" which has been shattered by war in the distant past. It is the duty of the characters (based on various private roadways) to help rebuild this shattered world. The promotion involves an online novel written by Yuri Shibamura and characters design by various artists, including:



Okazaki, a Human tailor character designed by Mel Kishida.



Toyota, a Giant character designed by Mel Kishida.



Nagashino, a Human samurai character designed by Yuka Nakajima.



Hamamatsu, a Human bard character designed by Noizi Ito.



Suruga, a Magus (large fairy) princess character designed Yu Akinashi.



And Numazu, a Megadeus (half-giant) fisherwoman character designed by Yu Akinashi.


Additional characters designed by KEI and Akio Watanabe will be revealed as the "Genso Koryu" promotional campaign continues.



Internet Com via Otakomu

Official "Genso Koryu" home page


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