Urobutcher and Bro-Alexander Sign Onto "Fate/Grand Order" For "Fate/Zero" Event

New Type-Moon ACE reveals plans

Coming with its other updates, the new Type-Moon ACE also has news for Fate/Grand Order. Another event is in the pipeline with comparable scope to the Kara no Kyoukai crossover. Noted writer Gen Urobuchi will handle the scenario as Fate/stay night prequel Fate/Zero hits the smartphone RPG. Arriving with this is the expected (well, leaked) appearance of the familiar Takeuchi Takashi designed, Akio Ōtsuka voiced Alexander the Great.



The game already features That Fate/Grand Order 3★ Rider is Alexander as a young Macedonia prince, voiced by Maaya Sakamoto, illustrted by BUNBUN, who previously worked with Type-Moon, illustrating their light novel Fire Girl (who is probably also Sword Art Onlin's abec)



Bro-Alex fans will also note the game's inclusion of 

 Caster Zhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II) voiced by Daisuke Namikawa, illustrated by Takeuchi Takashi

Why is he Waver-kun/El-Melloi II? Well, it's complicated.



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