"Planetarian" Adaptation Previewed With Anime Plans

Summer net-episodes lead into fall movie

Plans for the anime adaptation of Key's (Kanon, Air, Clannad, Angel Beats!, Little Busters!) visual novel planetarian - Dream of Little Star, initially announced on April 1st, have been defined with news that JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's David Production will be animating a series five of "Dream of Little Star" net-episodes debuting July 7, leading into a 
"Star Person" anime movie, opening September 3rd. 


Sekai Project is offering an English localized version of the game on digital distribution service Steam.


They describe it:

An uninhabited, sealed off city, abandoned 30 years ago after a sudden biochemical warhead strike. The deserted ruins are ruled by autonomous battle drones. And there, you meet a young woman whose name is Yumemi. A member of the planetarium’s help staff who continued to wait for customers for thirty years.





The staff for Planetarian includes:


  • Original work: Planetarian - The Reverie of a Little Planet (Key)
  • Original scenario: Yūichi Suzumoto
  • Original music: Magome Togoshi
  • Supervision: Naokatsu Tsuda
  • Original collaboration: Key / VisualArt's
  • Original character design: E-ji Komatsu
  • Director: Naokatsu Tsuda
  • Screenplay: Shogo Yasukawa, Naokatsu Tsuda
  • Series Director: Katsuichi Nakayama, Shunsuke Machitani
  • Character Design: Hitomi Takechi
  • Mechanical Design: Kanetake Ebikawa
  • Prop Design: Shinya Uchida
  • Art Design: Hiro Izumi
  • Color Design: Yuko Sato
  • Art Director: Yusuke Takeda, Yuuko Sugiyama
  • 3D Director: Yoji Nagasawa
  • Director of Photography: Nobuyuki Watanabe
  • Editing: Kiyoshi Hirose
  • Sound Director: Takayuki Yamaguchi, Naokatsu Tsuda
  • Sound Effects: Yasumasa Koyama
  • Music: Shinji Orito, Donmaru, Tomohiro Takeshita; Visual Arts
  • Animation Production: david production



Cast includes

Yumemi Hoshino - Keiko Suzuki


Kazuya - Daisuke Ono

via  Otakomu


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