Bonus OAD To Adapt "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Diamond Is Unbreakable" Spin-Off

A 39-episode run for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable has been confirmed, with the series scheduled to be released across 13 three-episode DVD/Blu-ray

A 39-episode run for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable has been confirmed, with the series scheduled to be released across 13 three-episode DVD/Blu-rays between June 2016 and June 2017. Along with these release plans is the news that "Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan," the spin-off one-shot from 2013 narrated by manga author Stand-user Rohan Kishibe, will be adapted into an OAD, offered on DVD for collectors of the complete series.



Release plans:

Vol.1 (released June 22, 2016): Episode 1 storyboards and ticket for OAD with purchase of complete series
Vol.2 (released July 27, 2016): Original Soundtrack 1 
Vol.3 (released August 24, 2016): Commentary booklet Vol.1 
Vol.4 (released September 28, 2016): Italian restaurant promo art
Vol.5 (released October 26, 2016): first cour production art collection
Vol.6 (released November 23, 2016): Drama Vol.1 CD 
Vol.7 (released December 21, 2016) : Original Soundtrack 2 
Vol.8 (released January 25, 2017): Commentary booklet Vol.2 
Vol.9 (released February 22, 2017): Secondd cour production art collection
Vol.10 (released March 29, 2017): Morio-cho, map 
Vol.11 (released April 26, 2017): Drama Vol.2 CD 
Vol.12 (released May 24, 2017): Commentary booklet Vol.3 
Vol.13 (released June 28, 2017): Third cour production art collection


Volume 1 jacket art



The May issue of Ultra Jump, out May 19th, features a Rohan manga author kit along - and introduciton to the latest manga author Ultra Grand Prix with the latest chapter of the current chapter of the saga, JojoLion


Miracle Jump mirrors Ultra's cover with Diamond Is Unbreakable's leads and presents an interview with author Hirohiko Araki



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