Fans Reel in Horror as Tokusatsu Hero "Redman" Conquers Youtube

1972 short-form action series available via Tsuburaya Production's official Youtube channel

He's big, he's red, and he will straight up stab any monster that threatens the Earth. He's Redman, the unlikely hero of an even more unlikely 1972 short-form tokusatsu TV series from Tsuburaya Productions, and now thanks to Youtube, Redman's violent exploits are available for the whole world to enjoy.



Originally broadcast for 138 short episodes as part of the Ohayo! Kodomo Show variety show on NTV, Redman features a 40 meter tall, 30,000 ton protector of justice who saves the Earth by savagely murdering rubber-suited monsters with attacks such as the Red Knife, the Red Arrow, and the Red Fall (literally throwing his opponent off a cliff).



You can check out the entire play-list at Tsuburaya Productions' official Youtube channel here.


Because of the short time frame, the Redman series eschews story and character development and jumps right to the monster-bashing bits. This leads to occasionally surreal scenarios, such that Japanese netizens who have recently discovered the show on Youtube have been reacting with a combination of hilarity and horror at Redman's antics.



"I feel nothing but murderous intent from Redman," remarks one fan. "Suspense horror," declares another, while yet another declares that they feel sympathy for the poor monsters that Redman dispatches with his melee attacks. Still others have taken to Twitter with Redman-inspired fan-art:





Don't mess with Redman, kids. He ain't foolin' around.


Source: Net Lab


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