"Persona 5" Official Website Updated With New Countdown

Could we be counting down to an official release date?

If you're a Persona fan, you may want to sit up and pay attention. The official Japanese Persona 5 website has been updated with a brand new countdown that's counting down to May 5. But what could it mean?


Could this finally be the release date? Or perhaps there will be additional information revealed after the clock finally reaches zero in May? We already know that it's set for release in Japan at some point this summer, but we've yet to get a concrete date. Once that's established, we could be seeing a release date or at least some sort of target window for the west as well via Atlus. And you just know we're going to see it. At least, hopefully we do.


We'll be looking forward to May 5 for some new information or possibly a release date!



[via Gematsu]


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