Fate/Grand Party Celebrates Anniversary Of First Guillotine Execution with Maid Version Marie Antoinette

Ginka illustrates smartphone game's take on French monarch

This week, plans were laid out for a cafe/exhibit dedicated to smartphone RPG Fate/Grand Order that will be held in the famously stylish Harahuku district's AREA-Q. It runs May 13-June 12 with a refresh in the middle, featuring production material and props shown at AnimeJapan, themed food and drinks (with special coasters), and limited goods. A roll-out of maid/butler redesigns wrapped up this weekend with the introduction of a maid version of Marie Antoinette.


Marie Antoinette appears in the game as a 4★ Rider, designed by Ginka and voiced by Risa Taneda.



Marie's game illustrations


Previously introduced Saber King of Combat Altera, better known to history as Attila the Hun. 


Archer Arjuna and Lancer Karna



Maybe coincidentally, maybe not, Maid Marie was posted on April 25th Japanese time, the anniversary of highwayman Nicolas Jacques Pelletier's execution, history's first by guillotine.


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