These Ditto "Pokemon" Plushies Are Even Cuter Than The Real Pokemon

Ditto can turn into any Pokemon it wishes, so it decided to to become Eeveelutions and more!

Ditto is one of the cutest Pokemon out there. You definitely can't dispute that fact. So these new Pokemon plushies featuring Ditto transformed into Eeveelutions, Gengar, and Poliwag are absolute cuties and you'll probably want to get your hands on them.


If regular plushies aren't your thing, there are also plush keychains, which aare less expensive (800 yen) than the regular full-size characters (1,200 yen). They're going to be making their way to the online Pokemon Center and in the retail store as well. Preorders are being taken starting May 7, so if you want to grab one of your own you should preorder if you're not going to try and grab one when they release on May 14!


Which one is your favorite?




[via Anime News Network]


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