Watch "Comet Lucifer" Image Song "Tsuioku no Kanata" Anime MV Performed by fhána

2nd album "What a Wonderful World Line" hits stores today

Bandai Visual today posted a two-minute anime music video for "Tsuioku no Kanata" (Beyond the Reminisce), an image song for the 2015 fall TV anime Comet Lucifer performed by four-member Japanese musical unit fhána. The unit also provided the OP song "Comet Lucifer ~The Seed and the Sower~" for the anime.


The song, also used as the ED theme for the anime's 9th episode, was included in the anime's original soundtrack album "GIFT FROM GARDEN INDIGO" released in January and in the unit's 2nd full album "What a Wonderful World Line" released just today in Japan.


The TV anime Comet Lucifer is available to Crunchyroll members in the following territories: North America and Latin America. Additional territories: Spain, Portugal, and Andora.



"Tsuioku no Kanata" MV



OP song ""Comet Lucifer ~The Seed and the Sower~" MV



"Comet Lucifer Original Soundtrack GIFT FROM GARDEN INDIGO" jacket illustration



"What a Wonderful World Line" jacket


© Project Felia/ "Comet Lucifer" Production Committee

© fhána


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