Crunchyroll Adds "The Perfect Insider" and "Wakakozake" Season 1 to Drama Catalog

Both series now live for their respective territories

Crunchyroll is here to bring the drama today with the addition of The Perfect Insider and Wakakozake (season 1) dramas, both of which are now available to members in their respective territories.


The Perfect Insider is available to Crunchyroll members in the United States, Canada, Central and South America including the Caribbean, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.




At Professor Kita’s suggestion, student Moe Nishinosono (Takei Emi) and Associate Professor Sohei Saikawa (Ayano Guo) head to Professor Kita’s research institute where experiments are being conducted in a low temperature research room. In the middle of an experiment, the murder of two graduate students occurs, but how did the killer enter and leave the closed research room? Moe Nishinosono becomes determined to solve the mystery and lures Sohei Saikawa to help her case. Thereafter, the two become a powerful detective force solving murders across Japan.


Wakakozake season 1 is available worldwide excluding China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea. This is a season 2 visual, but you get the picture...




Based on the mouth-watering anime, Wakakozake brings you Murasaki Wakako, a 26-year-old OL that loves nothing more than delicious food and drink. Wakako's favorite thing to do for relaxation is to go off by herself after work and go to various places to eat and drink, even if she's never been there before. The moment Wakako is able to taste the pairing between the food she wants to eat and the perfect accompanying drink, the happy sound of "Pshuuu" leaves her lips. Now, then. Where shall we drink tonight?



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