"Ichimatsu Incident" Figures On Sale at "Mr. Osomatsu" Fan Event

Limited edition figures created by D-trade will be available during May 07 - 08 event at Makuhari Messe


Prior to rolling out a line of figures for the Matsuno siblings from Mr. Osomatsu in October, Japanese toy manufacturer D-trade is releasing an exclusive "Ichimatsu Incident" figure at the "Fest Matsu-san `16" fan event which takes place on May 07 and 08, 2016, at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba.



The non-scale figure will be available exclusively at the Avex Pictures booth at the event. The figure stands 173 millimeters (6.8 inches) tall and retails for 12,000 yen ($112.00 US) including tax. The figure reproduces the sequence in Episode 16 of Mr. Osomatsu where Ichimatsu disguises himself as his brother, Karamatsu.







This limited edition figure will only be available for order on the May 07, 2016 date of the "Fest Matsu-san `16" event. Additionally, a life-size version of the "Ichimatsu Incident" figure (not for sale) will also be on display at the Avex Pictures booth.



The general release of the non-scale figures of the Matsuno siblings will range from 158 to 162 millimeters (6.2 to 6.4 inches) in height and retail for 10,000 yen ($93.34 US) including tax.


Source: Net Lab


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