Akane Yano Illustrates Proper Nap Etiquette for the Anime Studio

Character designer / key animator for "And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online?" shares her wisdom on Twitter

Anime production is known for its grueling hours and hellish pace, and so animator Akane Yano (And You Thought There Was Never a Girl Online?The Fruit of Grisaia) recently took to her Twitter account to post some instructive visuals on how to properly catch a few Z's in between checking cuts at the animation studio.



Translation: "Every animator knows how to sleep like this."

The labels read "Me, Yesterday", "Totally Creaky Existence", and "Mountain of Animation Cuts That Piles Up While I Am Unaware".



Translation: "It's easier to sleep under the desk, because it blocks out the fluorescent lighting."

The labels read: "Mountain of Animation Cuts That Continues to Pile Up More and More While I Am Unaware" and "Feet Sticking Out into the Aisle".



Akane Yano has a lot on her plate with the new series, And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online? (which is licensed and distributed in North America by Funimation). She's not only the character designer, but also serves as the chief animation director and key animator on specific episodes as well as the opening animation. 




Official Akane Yano (@if_224) Twitter feed


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