"Dr. Slump" Celebrates 35th Anniversary with "N'cha! Best" Music CD

Album includes 22 tracks featuring opening / ending themes and insert songs from the "Dr. Slump" anime TV series

The TV anime adaptation of Dr. Slump, based on a gag-manga of the same name by Akira Toriyama about a bumbling super scientist and the impossibly strong robot girl that he created, is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, and part of the celebration involves the release of the "Dr. Slump & Arale-chan N'Cha! BEST" music album.



The album incorporates 22 opening themes, ending themes, and insert songs from the Dr. Slump TV anime adaptations that ran on Fuji TV from 1981 - 1986 and 1997 - 1999, respectively. The track list includes:


  • 01.) "Waiwai World" by Ado Mizumori and Koorogi `73
  • 02.) "Ara Ara Arale-chan" by Ado Mizumori and Koorogi `73
  • 03.) "Arale no Ondo" ("Arale's Marching Song") by Mami Koyama and Columbia Yurikago Kai
  • 04.) "Ichiban Hoshi Miitsuketa" ("I Saw the 1st Star") by Ado Mizumori
  • 05.) "Waiwai Koushinkyoku" ("Hurray-hurray March") by Mami Koyama and Columbia Yurikago Kai
  • 06.) "Anata ni Shinjitsuichiro" ("A Sincer Path to You") by Mitsuko Horie
  • 07.) "Arale no March" ("Arale's March") by Mami Koyama and Columbia Yurikago Kai
  • 08.) "Obotchaman de Gozaimasu" ("I'm Obotchaman") by Mitsuko Horie
  • 09.) "Mechanko ROCK'N ROLL" by Better Half
  • 10.) "LOVE CHASER" by Yasuo Yamada
  • 11.) "Pa-pa-parma no Uta" ("Pa-pa-parma Song") by Kazuko Sugiyama
  • 12.) "I Love Penguin Mura" ("I Love Penguin Village") by Mami Koyama and Koorogi `73
  • 13.) "N'Cha! DE Cha-cha-cha" by Mori no Ki Jidou Kaishoudan (Mori no Ki's Children's Chorus)
  • 14.) "Kao De-Kai" ("B-i-i-i-g Face") by Funta
  • 15.) "Hanage ga Chotto Tobidashiteiru" ("Nose Hairs are Protruding a Little") by Funta
  • 16.) "Hello, I love you." by YURIMARU
  • 17.) "Let me go!" by Favorite Blue
  • 18.) "Arale! Parale!" by Dr. Slump All Stars
  • 19.) "Anata ga Ite Watakushi ga Ite" ("You are Here I am Here") by Obotchaman-kun
  • 20.) "Onboro no Jitensha ni Notte" ("Riding on the Worn-Out Bicycle") by Funta
  • 21.) "Midori-sensei no Komoriuta" ("Ms. Midori's Lullaby") by Dr. Slump All Stars
  • 22.) "Kore de Ii no Deshou ka?" ("This Seems Good, Don't You Think?") by YURIMARU


The regular edition of "Dr. Slump & Arale-chan N'Cha! BEST" album retails for 2300 yen ($21.21 US) plux tax, while the limited edition (which comes with a bonus DVD featurng the OP / ED animations) retails for 3000 yen ($27.66 US) plus tax. Both versions will be released in Japan on June 01, 2016.


Source: Net Lab


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